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lampwork cupcake beads

Everyone loves cupcake beads!

Dubbed “The Cupcake Queen” by members of the lampwork community, I am serious about cupcakes! I love to create them and I would love to create some just for you.

custom lampwork cupcakes - by keiaraMy glass cupcake beads are every colour & flavour you could dream of and then some. Create your very own recipe by adding toppings like cherries, sprinkles, strawberries, flowers and eyeballs to make it truly individual. I create specialty varieties for holidays too! Interesting holiday toppings include hearts, four leaf clovers, rainbows, bunnies, frogs, rats, pumpkins, sprigs of holly and so much more.

How about a cupcake bead with a glittering gold crown? Perfect for every cupcake princess and cupcake queen!

handfulocupcakes - by keiara

Visit the cupcake beads aisle in my store or watch the slideshow above and take a look. Grab one for yourself or a friend or both! They can be made in a variety of sizes too. Mini, medium and mega! They’re perfect for every jewellery project that needs a little extra sugar ;)


bhb - big hole bead - lampwork sweet cupcake bead for pandora or troll braclet - by keiara

Cupcake beads are fun when turned into a mobile phone charm, purse dangle or even a big hole bead for a Pandora or Troll bracelet.



The mini cupcake pictured below is one I turned into a phone charm for myself!

lampwork cupcake bead phone charm - by keiaraHave a fun cupcake idea or thought of an interesting topping or style? Get in touch and I will "bake" one using your personalised recipe! You can use the contact page, email me directly or give me a call. Let’s talk cuppycakes!

From whimsical to gothic, by keiara offers every cupcake queen something special for her personal style.


Custom creations welcome.

lampwork glass cupcake beads