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lampwork focal beads

handmade lampwork focal beads

I love creating focal beads! I create a wide range of designs to suit every taste. Some of my more popular focal bead styles include my tree series, my kitty cat series and my holiday series. Of course there are also my mega cupcakes too!

golden whisper tree focals - handmade lampwork tree beads - by keiara
Each lampwork tree bead is created individually and is a stunning piece of glassy art. My tree series includes gorgeous backgrounds such as beaches, moonlit nights and stunning sunsets all adorned with elegant trees. I try to capture the awesome beauty of nature and give the focal an abstract feel as well. Each tree focal is unique and no two are ever exactly the same!

Visit the tree landscape focals aisle in my store or watch the slideshow above and take a look. Tree focals make gorgeous pendants and necklaces! I’m happy to offer jewellery-making services as well.

lexi kitty cat handmade lampwork focals - lampwork kitty cat bead - by keiara
My kitty cat focal beads have so much personality! I love to create kitties wearing different costumes or adorned with flowers. I create zombie kitties, burglar kitties, garden kitties and so much more! I’m also happy to create lampwork cat portrait focals! Send me a picture of your kitty and I will create a focal bead in the likeness of your cute cat.

Visit the kitty cat beads aisle in my store or watch the slideshow to see more examples of my kitty cat focal beads. Don’t forget to make it a pendant or necklace too!

handmade lampwork christmas beads - snow couple - snowman - by keiara I’m a great lover of ALL holidays and I love to decorate and go all out. I also create focals for different holidays too! Teddy bears with hearts or four leaf clovers, adorable bunny rabbits, pumpkins, zombies, turkeys, Christmas trees and cupcakes for every ocassion! Show your holiday spirit with holiday focals!

Visit the holiday aisles in my store or watch the slideshow to see how to make your next holiday more festive. Nothing is quite as cute as a holiday-themed pendant or necklace. Check out my Add On Jewellery Services aisle for more ideas!

Custom creations welcome.